Friday, May 8, 2009


The E-mu SP-12 twelve bit sampling percussion system.

March to a different drummer.

Any drummer. Any instrument. Any sound.

E-mu Systems, the pioneer in affordable professional sampling technology, presents the SP-12, and introduces the power of user sampling to the world of digital drum computers.

Our first consideration in designing a professional sampling percussion system was superior sound quality.

By utilizing a twelve-bit data format and an increased sampling rate, the SP-12 is able to produce sounds whose combination of clarity, brilliance, and dynamic range easily sets a new standard of fidelity for digitally sampled drum machines.

Start with our sounds. Crisp snares. Powerful basses. Shimmering cymbals.

The SP-12 comes preprogrammed with a full complement of acoustic and electronic drum sounds. (Additional sounds can be loaded in from cassette or from an optional floppy disk drive.)

Then exercise your creativity.

Use the SP-12's built-in user sampling facility to record your own custom sounds.

Drums. Percussion. Sound effects.

Virtually anything you can imagine can be sampled into battery backed up memory, instantly avail-able whenever your SP-12 is turned on.

The SP-12 also sets new standards in the area of programmability.

Tuning, decay, mix level and tempo (including accelerandos and decelerandos) are totally programmable.

The SP-12's touch sensitive play buttons give you unprecedented control over dynamics and expression.

And with our new multi-parameter modes, any SP-12 sound can be assigned to all eight play buttons simultaneously with a different tuning or level setting for each button (great for programming bass lines with the SP-12's sampled bass guitar sound).

For all its power, the SP-12 has been designed to be extremely easy to program.

Flexible repeat and subsong functions greatly simplify the creation of complex song structures.

A step programming mode lets you create intricate rhythmpatterns as well as examine and edit patterns originally programmed in real time.

Tempos may be specified numerically (accurate to 0.1 BPM).

Or simply hit the Tap button twice in rhythm and let the SP-12 calculate the exact tempo.

For use in professional film, video, and recording applications, the SP-12 includes a built-in SMPTE code reader/generator as well as a standard 24 pulse per quarter clock.

A full MIDI implementation allows you to control your SP-12 from MIDI key-boards, sequencers, and computers.

You can add our optional SP-12 Turbo kit for even more sequence and sampling memory. Or connect your SP-12 to external pads to create the ultimate digital drum kit.

The SP-12. Sound, versatility, and value. Another new standard from E-mu Systems.

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