Friday, May 8, 2009


The Siel DK-70 is a portable, 8-voice, programmable synthesizer with that big, fat sound you've been searching for.

With it's two-track, real-time sequencer, you can overdub, remember program changes, loop musical sounds. Even outboard the sequencer to drive another keyboard.

The optional "guitar neck" puts a ribbon-controlled pitch bender at your fingertips. Not to mention control over modulation, sustain, transpose, on-off to your on-board sequencer and quick step through to your programmable sounds.

The DK-70 has full MIDI and receives touch sensitivity.

And because it operates on either battery or AC power, you can jam within your existing keyboard set-up. Or with the DK-70 strapped around your neck.

So go to your local Siel dealer for a truly mind-blowing experience.

Check out the DK-70. You'll hear why more and more musicians are turning to Siel.

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