Monday, May 11, 2009

Emulator I

The Emulator.

When the Emulator was introduced a year ago it was immediately hailed as the 'soundcopier'

This sound copying machine enabled the musician to play any sound over its four octave keyboard. Either sampling the sound required or selecting it from the Emulator's enormous library of sounds on floppy disc.

The addition of extensive sequencer facilities caught the imagination of the industry.

Such a versatile and user friendly machine isideal for commercial effects, jingles, and video work requiring ease and speed.

E-mu Systems now add to the Emulator's impressive range of options the analog interface making the Emulator interfaceable with any synthesiser or voltage controlled device.

Take a listen to the latest sounds behind the hits, sounds creating the ads, sounds fattening TV and film themes.

The Emulator. Take a listen to what's become the latest sound success.

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