Monday, May 11, 2009

PPG sound sensation -1983


PPG is a sound sensation.

In production and performance it makes music make impact.

A unique blend of digital and analogue technology makes the 2.2 a totally original synthesiser offering a wider range of sounds than ever before possible with one instrument.

This PPG innovation includes 8 voices, 24dB/Oct filters, 32 wavetables each with 64 waveforms, a five octave pressure sensitive keyboard.

It contains an 8 track polyphonic sequencer.

Each track may be edited after recording and with the use of the highly sophisticated digital front panel, the sequence may then be mixed and stored for instant recall.

It is a combination of the sounds from the razor sharp highs to a deep powerful bass, that has been responsible for establishing the PPG's outstanding reputation amongst many of today's top musicians.

Its versatility together with the facility to expand to a full computer system at an affordable price makes the PPG the new success.

A synthesiser that's in demand because of its reputation, its amazing sounds, and above all its proven track record.

Call us to make an appointment for a demonstration.

The PPG is a soundsation to be experienced.

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